Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recently, we have been hearing about how President Bush claims that he has the constitutional power to authorize wiretaps that bypass the FISA Courts. We hear how Cheney has claimed that he has the right to de-classify secrets at his discretion.

Admittedly, the offices of President and Vice President are the embodiment of a great deal of power. The people who hold those offices for spans of 4 years have a mandate to do the best for America they can using the powers of those offices. That is what we expect, anyways.

But today, millions of Americans are suffering due to the bureaucratic fowl up that has been the response to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster. A sad example of this problem is seen with the thousands of trailer homes that are sitting in a field, some slowly sinking in the mud for months, while people whose homes have been destroyed are shuffling from one temporary home to another.

Why are those trailer homes sitting vacant?

Because FEMA regulations say they cannot be deployed on a flood plain, and most of the Mississippi Delta is a flood plain.

Now we have seen the President and Vice President exercise the executive powers of their offices any number of times recently...why not ask one of them to exercise that power to relax, even temporarily, the FEMA regulations to allow the deployment of those trailer homes so that the wandering people of New Orleans can have a place to rest their heads at home for the first time in over six months.



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